Wallpaper, floor made with stone marquetry, shade canvases, garden tents... illustrated with the delicate ultra-personalised Françoise Girerd's drawings, can be transformed into an original and private collection under the guidance of interior and exterior Designers.


Each Françoise Girerd's creation is unique. It meets the aspirations of the sponsors and condenses the "esprit des lieux" of the residence, its personality and its history.


There is no conformism : the fabric of a screen can be a substrate for the drawing of the beloved garden statue ; an architectural illustration can be turned into a mosaic, covering the bottom of the basin.

Françoise Girerd's drawings always reflect the refinement of a certain art of living, either they are declinated on unexpected supports, or transmitted as models to highly trained craftsmen, or reproduced in a small or a large size.


This Illustrator has invented her activity. She has never worked for book publishing, intending her art for the enhancement of exceptionnal projects.

Presentation of drawings : wallpaper, frame, screen, wall decoration, headbord, rug, lampshade.